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Image of KeyBird Keycaps (Preorder)

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KeyBird Keycaps (Preorder)


***PREORDER WARNING! If you purchase, please prepare to be very patient!!***

Bird Specs:

Top Row - Quail, Woodcock, Egret, Raven, Tern, Yellow Rail, Upland Sandpiper, Ibis, Owl, Pelican

Middle Row - Avocet, Swift, Dove, Flamingo, Gull, Hummingbird, Junco, Kingfisher, Loon

Bottom Row - Zenaida Dove, Ivory-Billed Woodpecker (extinct), Cardinal, Vulture, Bufflehead, Nuthatch, Mallard

Tech specs:

-26 beige keys A–Z with one red Pigeon Post Esc key
-Cherry MX switch compatible
-Cherry Profiles
-Dye sublimation printed PBT
-Designed for 60%–100% keyboard layouts (a 40% keyboard was used in the photos to highlight the birds)

Please note that colors may subtly differ from those you see on your monitor. Printing registration may shift slightly on a key-by-key basis compared to the photos.

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